Let’s make a masterpiece

We invest in a wide range of companies

United States and
Canada, with flexibility for other countries
Investment Type
Majority acquisitions
(greater than 51%)
$1-5 million of pre-tax profits, with flexibility for larger investments
Consumer, industrials, business services, agriculture, healthcare
Other Factors
Large proportion of  repeat revenue
Limited exposure to economic cycles

Diverse customer base
We invest with speed + certainty
Committed capital

Portrait manages committed capital on behalf of 70+ leading founders and family business owners.

Streamlined decision-making

Portrait’s principals have sole decision-making authority. Our partners know exactly who they're dealing with.

Conservative leverage

We take a conservative approach to debt so we can use cash flows to fund growth, not debt service.

Flexible structure

We have full flexibility to tailor our investments to achieve sellers’ specific objectives and are excited to share upside from future growth.

Transaction expertise

Our team has led the acquisitions of more than 80 acquisitions in the past and knows how to work efficiently and get deals done

We work with business owners to get the people right
Flexible Leadership

We're excited to work with existing leadership or, when appropriate, to identify and recruit new talent.

Deep Talent Bench

More than 3,000+ operators have joined Portrait’s talent network. No matter the role, we probably already know a few great candidates.

Joint Selection

When sellers are looking to step away from daily operations, we'll lead a search to identify a top-tier replacement and invite their involvement to ensure the perfect cultural fit.

Value-Add Network

We draw upon our broad network to provide strategic introductions and guidance to the companies we partner with and their leaders.

We strive continuously for an outcome we can all be proud of
Growth Focus

We add value to companies by accelerating growth, not cutting costs

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Long-Term Horizon

Our unique fund structure allows us to buy companies with no intent of selling them. We buy businesses to grow them, not flip them

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Continuous Reinvestment

Our goal is to continuously reinvest free cash flow to fund long-term growth

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