Agricultural Commodity


November 2023
Western United States
Agricultural Services
Majority Acquisition
Partnership Dynamic
Founder-owned company preparing for the next generation

As the founder of a leading agricultural marketing firm entered his mid-60s, he looked to set up the company to endure for decades into the future. He sought to bring on a next generation partner to absorb administrative responsibilities while freeing up his time.


We acquired a majority interest and recruited next generation leadership to professionalize operations.

Shared Upside

We enabled the founder to continue to benefit from the company’s growth through retained equity and board participation

Valuation Unlock

Unlocked valuation through a gradual payout plan, aligning with the founder’s retirement goals

Operational Improvements

Implemented software systems and processes to enhance the experience of customers and team members and make the business more scalable

The new President is beyond knowledgeable. There will be no learning curve at all.

The company's founder and CEO


The company's operations are running considerably more smoothly and the team is poised for expansion.