People are at the center
of every portrait

We cultivate an ongoing talent network to introduce exceptional leaders to extraordinary opportunities.

We believe that the right people are the cornerstone of every successful small business. That's why we've created a unique platform that connects talented individuals with leadership roles in our portfolio companies. Whether you’re an experienced executive or an emerging leader, we’d love to get to know you.

Why Join Our Talent Network?

Dynamic Leadership Roles

We work with diverse companies across a broad range of industries that regularly seek talented individuals to fill key leadership positions. By joining our network, you'll be considered for roles that align with your expertise and aspirations.

Impact and Growth

Joining our network means having the opportunity to step into roles where you can gain greater autonomy and agency in your career. Drive growth, innovate, and lead teams to succeed in environments that value your input and leadership.

People-First Investments

We don't just invest in companies; we also invest in people. In rare instances, we support talented individuals first, helping them find and lead companies that match their vision and skills.

Wealth-Building Potential

Roles with Portrait aren’t just jobs; they're opportunities to share in the success of the businesses we build together. Join our community for opportunities to participate in the wealth-building potential that comes with business ownership and leadership.

Whenever a new role opens up in our portfolio, our talent network is the first place we look. There's already an embedded level of trust.

Justin Burris

Managing Partner

Who Are We Looking For?

Aspiring Leaders

Emerging talents with the drive and potential to lead and grow businesses. If you're ready to step up, we're ready to support your journey.

Industry Experts

Professionals with deep industry knowledge and the ability to leverage their expertise to drive business growth and innovation.

Experienced Executives

Seasoned professionals with a track record of leadership success, looking to take on challenging roles in dynamic companies.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

Individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, eager to take on the challenge of leading and growing a business.

How it works

Join the Network

Reach out to us to join to our talent network. Tell us about your experience, skills, and what kind of roles you're interested in.

Matching Opportunities

We'll consider your profile for leadership roles in our portfolio companies. When there's a match, we'll reach out with an opportunity that aligns with your skills and career goals.

Ready to Lead?

Email to join our talent network and take the first step towards a future where your leadership makes a lasting impact.