August 2023
Midwestern United States
Industrial Services
Majority Acquisition
Partnership Dynamic
Second generation family business transitioning to the third generation

The second-generation family shareholders of a specialty recycling company sought a partner to acquire the business and promote the next generation to leadership roles while providing them with mentorship and the financial opportunity to benefit from the company’s growth


We acquired a majority interest and successfully transitioned the company to the third generation of family leadership

Facilitated Generational Transition

We promoted third generation members to CEO and COO roles

Shared Value Creation

We created an innovative incentive plan to provide third generation family members with equity upside

Continuous Reinvestment

We committed to support the third generation’s ambitious growth plans, including continuous reinvestment to expand the company’s service area

Does it always feel this natural?

Second generation family member after closing


Two generations of the family continue to remain involved and expansion initiatives are well underway