February 2024
Business Services
Joint Venture Partnership
Partnership Dynamic
Founder-owned company looking for an investor partner to launch a joint venture

The founder of a leading digital automation agency sought a partner who could provide the capital and expertise to scale a joint venture that addresses a distinct customer segment


Formed a joint venture and recruited new leadership for the entity

Recruited New Leadership

The new general manager previously led business operations for a large digital agency and has significant experience with workflow automation tools and processes

Provided Equity Upside

Structured an incentive plan to provide significant equity upside to the company’s leadership team

Provided Growth Capital

We provided the start-up capital to help the company scale service delivery and reduce capacity bottlenecks

The feeling of partnership and knowing Portrait is in it for the long term has helped tremendously.

Joint venture partner


The leadership team is energized by our partnership and is actively serving customers in the new segment